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Many of you will have watched our live promo video under the ‘Listen & See’ section of our website. In the video, we discuss how the band is also available as a Classic Piano Trio featuring keyboard, double bass and drums. But did you know that since then, we have introduced a range of other line-ups to cater to different event types and budgets? Below is a list of our current band packages with a brief description on what each offers.



This is our premium and most popular package featuring vocals, keyboard, double bass and drums, and is the line-up featured in our live promo video on our website. This line-up is ideal for that rich, full sound of the classic jazz quartet and is very popular for weddings and larger corporate functions where the band is a feature. It also allows for Motown and soul sets later in the evening should you wish to have dance sets as part of your event entertainment (for even more high-energy dance sets, we are able to add guitar to the line-up to really ramp it up for those party sets!). We are able to provide a state-of-the-art sound system (PA) included in this package, or for larger corporate events, we can liaise and work directly with your AV suppliers should you be contracting sound externally. For weddings, choosing to have the vocals as part of your band allows for greater flexibility in selecting songs for your Entrance, First Dance, Cake Cutting and Exit Music, and in most cases we are able to learn and perform these songs live on your special day. Watch and listen to this line-up now at and at



This package features vocals, keyboard and double bass, and is a great option for those events where the stage or performance space is too small to fit the Full Vocal Quartet or where the Full Vocal Quartet is a little beyond the event budget. It is also perfect for those venues that have noise restriction policies in place and do not allow drums, for example, Dunbar House in Watson’s Bay. This line-up is fantastic for expressing a rich, melodic sound and we are able to perform all of our jazz repertoire with this configuration. However, the Classic Vocal Trio is not recommended should you be wishing to include dance sets as part of your event entertainment. Watch and listen to us performing in this line-up at



This package features the instrumental classic jazz piano trio of keyboard, double bass and drums. It is very popular with our corporate clients for networking events where the music is less of a feature and aims to provide suitable background music to create the right ambience to facilitate networking and conversation. We have found over the years that the vocals can sometimes be a little intrusive in this regard, which is why we have created this package. Some venues, such as the QVB Tea Rooms and Royal Automobile Club of Australia, have a piano onsite which they allow the band to use if requested. This is always the preferred option if possible, and creates that authentic Classic Piano Trio look and feel. We are also able to mic the piano through our speakers and adjust the sound levels to suit the room. Watch and listen to us performing in this line-up now at



This package is perfect for those events that are tight on space and where only instrumental background jazz sets are required. This line-up takes up about half the room of the standard Full Vocal Quartet and is very popular for more intimate events and venues such as Quay Restaurant or Beta Bar Sydney. We are able to perform all of our instrumental jazz repertoire in this line-up, however dance sets are not possible with this configuration. Watch and listen to Marcello and Mike from The Graduates performing in this line-up now at



This package features saxophone and double bass and is perfect for those events where power is unavailable and/or only acoustic instruments are allowed, such as a wedding ceremony in a garden or on a beach. This line-up also gives an impressive “look and feel” to the band, featuring two of the most iconic and recognisable jazz instruments, saxophone and double bass, and is sure to impress your wedding guests or corporate clients. While the Saxophone & Double Bass Duo does not have as full a sound as the Trios and Quartet, it still provides a rich, melodic sound which seamlessly adds a touch of class to your event. Watch and listen to Nic and Michael from The Graduates performing in this line-up now at


While these are our current standard packages on offer, we pride ourselves on being a flexible wedding band and corporate band and can tailor specific configurations in line with your requirements. Should you wish to add a trombone, trumpet, extra guitar or extra vocalist, just ask! We are confident in providing the perfect line-up to make your next event a musical success!


Michael Walder (Manager)

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