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One of the most important decisions for your big day is deciding on what sort of music you would like for your reception, as this is usually the main entertainment for you and your guests. Many brides opt for DJ’s or party bands which cater more towards younger crowds, although if you type “DJ” or “party band” into Google, you will see just how flooded the market is, and it takes a lot of time and research to discover the few good party bands in the industry. Yet more and more, brides are choosing to go with the classic sound of a jazz band that fits perfectly with more traditional style weddings. We have listed five essential reasons as to why choosing our classic jazz band for your reception may be the best choice.



Although many party bands may assure you that they can perform jazz sets through dinner, you only have to compare their promotional material to ours to see the true difference in booking a qualified and genuine jazz band. Becoming a proficient jazz musician takes years of specialised training and practice, which is why all of our performers hold Bachelor’s Degrees from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and work consistently in the music industry. Only a specialised jazz band can guarantee that true, authentic sound which will create a mesmerising ambience and complement the traditional and classic feel of your wedding.



Over the years, certain instruments have come to be associated with specific music genres and styles. When you see a guitar, you may instantly think rock, or when you see a violin, your mind usually goes to classical. While there are many instruments associated with contemporary styles, there are two iconic instruments which are truly synonymous with the jazz genre – saxophone and double bass. Featuring these two instruments in most of our packages, along with piano and drums, is truly the point of difference that gives The Graduates that authentic look and feel and reflects the correct musical tradition to complement the theme of your wedding.



If you are leaning towards a more traditional and classic theme for your wedding, chances are that you want the music and song choices to reflect this. Not only does a professional jazz band look and sound incredible, but it also allows for more classic song choices for your Processional, First Dance and other formal items. Think Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and all the greats, to more contemporary jazz vocalists such as Michael Bublé, Norah Jones and Diana Krall. You are welcome to select from our song list for your special moments, or should you have a specific song in mind that you would love us to perform live, just ask!



One of the common requests we receive from bridal couples for their wedding music is for the band to perform instrumental music sets through canapés and dinner, and then make the vocals a feature for the dance sets. Booking a jazz band for your wedding gives you a wide range of options and musical choices, from featuring an acoustic Saxophone & Double Bass Duo to warm things up for outdoor canapés, to having the Classic Piano Trio perform instrumental jazz standards through dinner, to breaking out the Full Vocal Quartet after the speeches for those up-tempo swing, Motown and/or soul sets!



When you are in the process of searching for your perfect wedding venue, the last thing on your mind is making sure the venue accommodates all the logistical requirements of the band. But did you know that many venues have policies in place which limit the musical options you can have at your wedding? From being tight on floor-space, to having noise-restriction policies, to not having power available for the band, you will likely encounter these issues in your search. For example, Dunbar House in Watson’s Bay does not allow acoustic drums, while Lindesay in Darling Point does not allow any amplified music, which rules out cover and party bands. Fortunately, The Graduates offer a range of packages, from acoustic and instrumental line-ups, to Vocal Trios (without drums), to the Full Vocal Quartet, that guarantees there is always an option to suit whichever venue you choose. Should you have a specific venue in mind for your special day, we can guide you on selecting the best and most suitable options.


These are just some of the reasons as to why booking The Graduates jazz band will transform your wedding and take your wedding music to the next level. Please get in touch with us today should you have any questions about selecting the right music for your special occasion. To watch and listen to some of our different band options discussed above, please visit our Vimeo Channel at We look forward to helping you choose your perfect band line-up and making the music the highlight of your special day!


Michael Walder (Manager)

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